22 Mar 2014

I just threw out my WV cosplay

rest in piece my friend

rest in piece

17 Mar 2014

Adventures in cosplay: making a helmet.

Wish me luck

26 Feb 2014


I think the last time Wayward Vagabond saw John (in his timeline) was when John died on his quest bed? For some reason I think WV would be shocked to see him alive haha

23 Feb 2014

I think I’m gonna try and draw some fan art for each anime/cartoon I finish

23 Feb 2014

So this is some of my graphic design work from the past two years. It’s not much, mostly because I hate 90% of what I do, but I feel like I’ve come a long way from loathing graphic design work to just hating it.

23 Feb 2014
Wow you graphic design stuff looks really cool, do you ever do app layouts for iPhone or android?

…..you must be joking 

Are you joking??? I mean I consider myself an ‘at par’ graphic designer at best and I never really post any of my work here (although I really should I forget to post it anywhere) but thank you??????????

Also I don’t do any app layouts. I was supposed to learn that in my design major but eh, I go to community college and the classes aren’t the best. Maybe I’ll learn it later. I’m just barely learning CSS still. So I’ve never done app layouts, especially not working ones, but if you mean just designing the layout for a coder to go in and make work, I’m sure I could do that just fine. 

Thanks for reminding me though that I should really upload some of my GRD work :o